Kvesheti-Kobi Construction Contracts to be Awarded in the Near Future
Kvesheti-Kobi Construction Contracts to be Awarded in the Near Future
02 August, 2019 18:00:01

“Financial assistance issued by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) contributes to achieving big progress in highway construction. The main share of highway projects are contracted by now and construction works are already commenced at the majority of sections,” said Irakli Karseladze,  First Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Chairman of Roads Department, after the end of government session.

ADB has issued US$ 415 mio for financing construction of Kvesheti-Kobi road and a tunnel.  

Construction of Kvesheti-Kobi road is divided into two sections. The project envisages construction of 22.7 km 2-lane asphalt-concrete road, 6 bridges and 5 tunnels, including one 9 km tunnel. 9km tunnel will be 15 meters, which is quite rare not only in Transcaucasia, but also worldwide. In this regard, Kvesheti-Kobi tunnel will enter the list of tunnels with largest diameters. Also worth mentioning is the construction of the Arch bridge, which is very interesting from an engineering and architectural point of view. Kvesheti-Kobi project is an opportunity to address the challenges of the North-South Corridor. The contract with the winner of one lot will be signed in August and in the second lot in September. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020,” said Karseladze.

According to Karseladze, Kvezheti-Kobi section is part of the north-south corridor of transit importance. The road crosses a difficult geographical route and is characterized by heavy snowfall during the winter. The new road and the 9km tunnel will solve the existing problems and transit will be possible at any time of the year. The tunnel provides safer and more reliable conditions for road users during winter.

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