Lentekhi-Mestia Connecting Road Design in Active Phase
Lentekhi-Mestia Connecting Road Design in Active Phase
07 March, 2019 17:06:17

Designing of construction of Lentekhi-Mestia connecting road and of 9km tunnel is in active phase. The development of Lentekhi-Mestia new road continues despite the existing delays during the design process. With the active involvement of Roads Department, the renewed design team managed to specify the 80% of the length of the road. At this stage the specifying and developing of the severe relief and hydrological data is in progress. Also, the designing of the artificial structures is in active process on the whole route.

The approximate length of Lentekhi-Mestia connection road is 27km and the construction of 9km tunnel is also planned. The width of the road will be 8meter, out of which the 6.5meter is for asphalt concrete pavement and the rest for the shoulders.

Lentekhi-Mestia connecting road will be started in Lentekhi passing through Laskadula gorge, mountainous array with 9 km tunnel and will be connected to Zugdidi-Mestia road, at Leshguani village, passing through Lailachi gorge. With this road Upper (Zemo) Svaneti and Lower (Kvemo) Svaneti will be connected by the shortest way. After completion of the project, travel time in Lentekhi-Mestia direction will be reduced by almost 1.5 hours.

The road passes 36 villages, including Sakdari, Margvishi and the villages of Lashkheti. The construction of this sector allows people to get to Mestia with the shortest way by passing Tsageri-Lentekhi.

The project will help local people to move safely and comfortably. Travel time will be reduced. The abovementioned municipalities will be able to completely use the tourism potential that will improve the economic situation of the region.

It should be noted, that rehabilitation of Mestia-Ushguli connecting road is under way. Lasdili-Tsageri road will also be rehabilitated and a united circle will be built, connecting two regions to each other. The 32-kilometer project has already been adopted by the Department in this direction. This year, rehabilitation works will be continued and by 2021 overall rehabilitation of this direction should be completed.

After completion of rehabilitation works tourists will be able to get to Mestia from Kutaisi airport within 2.5 hours. On top of this, Lechkhumi will have an opportunity to develop a huge potential that will facilitate the development of the region.

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